Small Unit Tactics Level 2

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Small Unit Tactics Level 2 is an advanced, fast paced and dynamic evolution. Students MUST complete SUT Level 1 before attending this course.  Students will plan and execute a detailed mission to include: air insertions, accelerated speed tactical driving, off road tactical driving in TOMCARS under the cover of darkness while using night vision and thermal imagery, advanced raids, ambushes, dynamic CQB, snatch and grabs, vehicle takedowns and personnel recovery. This is a physically demanding evolution; students should plan on a minimum 5-10 kilometers of foot movement with short sprints while bearing gear.  Student must be of good health and moral fiber to attend.  This course will include a 12 hour continuous operation.  SUT Level 1 & 2 can be tailored to meet the demands/requirements of government contracts, pre-deployment train-up and small groups on request through the consulting page.


*ATACSOL reserves the right to deny any personnel and or group training.

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