Small Unit Tactics Level 1

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During the Small Unit Tactics Level 1 evolution, students will learn squad organization, mission planning, short movements and communication in order to maintain the preservation of life and the survival of the unknown in our society. Students will be trained in the crawl, walk, run method. Their leadership and forward thinking skills will be developed and tested through revolving positions within the TEAM. Real world mission based scenarios will be briefed for students to work together as a TEAM and execute the plan. Students should plan on their everyday thought process, forward thinking ability and problem solving skills being challenged. If a situation goes kinetic, the virtue of protecting your family will be exploited. This training package will give you confidence for life's uncertainties. This is a physically challenging 6 day evolution. Students should expect an average of 5-10 kilometers foot movements to include sprints, weapons qualifications and limited sleep during the Final Field Training Exercise.

SUT Level 1&2 can be tailored to meet the demands/requirements of government contracts, pre-deployment train-up and small groups on request through the consulting page.

*ATACSOL reserves the right to deny any personnel and or group training

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