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Rifles created from a demand from our clients. They wanted to use our weapons while training with us and asked if we could manufacture the same weapons.  View Rifles


Real-world proven tactics are what you get when training with Armageddon Tactical Solutions. Modern day, effective techniques are at the heart of every course we develop. It’s time to train with true professionals.  View Training


The security concerns of a facility, a work site, a home, or a person is an ever changing environment with parameters that need constant testing and improvement. View Consulting

Armageddon Tactical Solutions

Armageddon Tactical Solutions offers a superior level of training never before found outside of top elite military units.  Our owners and instructors are former or current US Army Rangers, Navy SEALs, 1st SFOD (Delta Force), SWAT Operators, a National Pistol Champion and 3 Gun Champions.

If you are a law enforcement department seeking Advanced Hostage Rescue Training (HRT), or a concerned American with the desire to protect your family from a possible collapse in the government/ economy, chaos after a natural disaster, or simply the hazardous unknowns and uncertainties of the world,  Armageddon Tactical Solutions is for you.   It will provide you with the most advanced/realistic training available from instructors with real world experience.

Armageddon Tactical Solutions currently provides Special Operations Training and Consulting to the private sector and government sectors. Armageddon Tactical Solutions can bring you the most advanced forward thinking and current training available. It’s irresponsible not to have a plan!

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